Sunset Pet Memorials

Pets are family. Honour your pet in a special way by remembering them with us.
Our online memorials create a world-wide remembrance to celebrate the life of your cherished pet and everything that made them special.

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Bella Dann

Bella was my precious puppy for 15 years. She was so loved by everyone and always greeted people with love and trust. She had her ‘special’ friends ( human) that she greeted with squeals of delight – including her… Read More

Bella Valentine

Bella arrived in our family with much excitement & energy. On the day our kids chose the puppy, they were drawn to the quiet little puppy on her own in the corner & not the robust nature of all her siblings. Read More…

Ruby Farley

Such a beautiful girl with a loving energy.

Bozz Combes

My best pal for 17 years….in my heart forever.

Cefa Davis

Cefa was a beautiful himalayan who came into our family almost 20 years ago. In her early years she was a little grumpy,…but she became a little more accepting in her later years. She even started to indulge people in allowing them to give her a gentle pat…..but only for a short while. Cefa passed away in May 2018, and we will always look back and smile at her irreplaceable spirit and personality!

Diesel Reinhardt

A soul that was beyond special. Forever wouldn’t have been long enough. 

Molly Vosper

Forever loved and deeply missed. Yvette was fortunate enough to spend 23 years with this darling girl. We can only imagine how hard saying goodbye was.

Rusty Morgan

31/08/2011 – 20/02/2016
Rusty was a special puppy gone to soon at the young age of 4yrs due to a rare auto immune disease. But he was a loving, loyal and such a goofball. Read more…

Zac Scott

A beautiful boy, who will be forever loved and deeply missed. 

Sassy Dawson

A precious soul, who enjoyed almost 15 years of love and companionship with her beautiful family.

Kuma Duffy

A gorgeous soul, a beautiful support who will be forever loved and missed terribly.

Grayson Brandenburg

He was so incredibly special to us and over 15 years we had watched him grow from the most confident little ball of fluff we had ever seen to a mischievous, independent thinking & action loving dog. Through everything he was an ever loyal, affectionate companion to all of us. Read More…


Zorro was adopted by John & Shingo as a tiny puppy from the RSPCA 15 years ago. He walked right up to the pair as soon as he saw them. It was love at first sight.

Gizmo Jinks

Gizmo was a beautiful Exotic Shorthair – a rescue cat from the RSPCA who was fortunate enough to find safety with the Jinks family. This gorgeous girl was diagnosed with liver neoplasia just before Christmas. Read More…


Gizzie was so special to us, he was cheeky, funny and very loyal. Me being his Mum I couldn’t go anywhere without my little shadow, if any of his family were ill he would always let them know he was there, which always made us feel better. He had such a great character, he loved his pizza 🍕 and would sit on his little bottom and clap his paws 🐾 together when he wanted some. Read More…


We lost our beautiful gentle little soul Toby on 24th November following a 13 month battle with Heart Failure. Toby was a very sensitive little man who was always a loving little companion. He will be sadly missed and never ever forgotten.


A gentle soul who gave us 17 years of unconditional love 💕


We rescued Lani from the RSPCA but she really rescued us. She was a smart, independent, loving and protective girl. She opened her heart a year later and welcomed in another dog, with whom she became best mates. They were inseparable from the moment they met. Lani, you filled our family with such love and loyalty. Read More…

2006 – 29/07/14.
Like our other dog Barkley, Pippy came into the world at a distinct disadvantage. Rescued by the RSPCA, he led a special life with us for five years. Despite his bad start, he had a delightful cheeky personality and made friends with everyone he met. Read More…

2006 – 21/07/17Barkley came into the world at a distinct disadvantage. Rescued by the RSPCA, he survived being cared for by some very special people. He led a special life with us for over seven years. Despite his problems, he was a funny little man at times and above all a fighter to the end. Read More…

19/9/04 – 6/5/14.
Sam, Sammy Boy or Samabam (he had many names) had boundless energy, if we were able to bottle it we would have sold litres – he just never stopped! Even when he became unwell, having fun was still somehow his priority – probably higher than food (and that’s saying something!)
Read More…

Baci was not just a cat but the best friend we could have had. The most comforting soul, gentle and loving. Brother to Bailey and Ollie and fur son to Kim and Sue. We loved Baci for 16 years but forever would not have been long enough to share our lives with him. In remembering him, we smile because we love him and got to share our lives with angel Baci.