19/9/04 – 6/5/14
Sam, Sammy Boy, Samabam (he had many names) had boundless energy, if we were able to bottle it we would have sold litres – he just never stopped! Even when he became unwell, having fun still somehow managed to be his priority. We all loved and were so inspired by the way that nothing seemed to phase him. As long as he had his pack (us) nearby and an unending supply of tennis balls, all was good in the world. He had attitude, he was a little cocky and a tad competitive, but it just made him even more amusing and lovable. Sam had personality to boot and while he had a very energetic nature he had a beautifully grounding effect on our family. Despite being so preoccupied (mostly with his own little world), he could show his softer side and seemed to instinctively know when someone needed a little extra love or company, and would happily provide it. He was irreplaceable. His time with us brought so many tears toward the end, but so many laughs and so much love throughout.