Vet Staff Surveys

Hi Team

This short survey is something we periodically request the whole team to complete as part of our commitment to best practice in all that we do. It is an important part of our quality assurance process, helping to ensure a smooth client experience every time. It also allows us to refine our systems and formally check in on how you’re travelling with all things related to Sunset Work!

Please submit the form below when prompted.

Your minimum standard equipment supply should include: charged clippers; tape; catheters; ports/extension sets; flush; alcohol wipes/chlorhex; cotton balls; needles; syringes; tourniquet; clean/presentable equipment bag; body bags/cable ties; stretcher; clean & tidy blankets/towels; puppy pads; muzzles; sharps bin; nail clippers; thermometer; KY jelly; gloves; portable light source; tissues; dog treats; stethoscope; portable bin.
If no, please email head office with your details to request a replacement.
Key euthanasia medications include: lethabarb; zoletil; acepromazine; xylazil.
E.g. Sunset Vets letterhead; script pads; labels; Sunset Vets stickers; brochures for clinics.
If no on either of these items, please complete a tech support request form to get assistance.